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Why Neuro-Physio

Physiotherapy does make a difference

  • If you can take one step backwards, you may be able to use the toilet or sit on a chair safely.
  • If you can take a step forwards, you can reach out to family and friends.
  • If you can take your hand up to your mouth, you may be able to drink from a cup or put food in your mouth.
  • If you can sit in a dining chair rather than a wheelchair, you can eat meals with your family or friends and your self esteem will soar.
  • If you can move yourself up your bed it takes a lot of pressure off family and carers who will no longer struggle to move you. This will make you stronger and more independent.
  • If you can open and close your hand you may be able to wash and dress yourself.
  • If you can move independently, you become part of the wider community and are no longer isolated.
  • If you can sit upright, stand or walk, your body becomes stronger and your health improves.
  • If you can get up from an armchair and transfer to a commode or walk to the toilet, it will make a difference between being continent or incontinent.
  • If you can transfer from a wheelchair on your own, it opens up opportunities for you to participate in life and not be dependent on others.
  • If you can get into and out of a car it allows you to visit friends and family, to go on outings and to be included.
  • If you can open your mind to possibilities your life will improve.


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  • Discounts for Pensioners Two thirds of normal cost
  • Block bookings book 5 sessions, get one free

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